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Live Tropical Fish Exporter - Natural Pebbles and Aquarium Sand Exporter.


Aquascapes Philippines can supply you with natural aquatic resources for your tropical fish hobby or landscaping needs. All our products are sourced exclusively from all over the Philippines. We have been supplying these products for more than a quarter of a century now. Through our experience and extensive network of suppliers, we can maintain a steady supply with good variety and we can select the highest quality products possible.

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live tropical marine fish picture by lynn funkhouser

Live tropical marine fish and marine invertebrates found in the Philippines are among the most varied and beautiful in the world.

coral sand

Aquarium sand are found along the coastlines of the many islands that make up the Philippine archipelago. We screen the sand carefully to provide uniform sizes.

assorted yellow pebbles

Philippine natural pebbles are very coloful. These pebbles are carefully screened to maintain a uniform size and make them ideal for different purposes.

underwater photos

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